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Split the Bill With These Apps

These shared-payment apps help you split the check for food, rent, or travel.

Apps in this Guide

Nothing can ruin a fun night out like having to figure out your friends' fair share when the check arrives -- and then there's getting everyone to pay up. Splitting payments on rent, household bills,more

Nothing can ruin a fun night out like having to figure out your friends' fair share when the check arrives -- and then there's getting everyone to pay up. Splitting payments on rent, household bills, and travel expenses can be a headache, too. With these apps, you can easily divide the tab, request payments, and skip the math and awkward conversations.

Which of these apps should I use to split the bill?

That depends on your situation. If you want to split the rent and household bills, we recommend Splitwise. For restaurant bills, we recommend Tab, and for travel, nothing's better than Splittr.

How do you ensure that you're splitting the bill fairly?

Sometimes dividing a bill is clear cut -- if the rent is $1,400, you and your roommate each pay $700. But Splitwise's fairness calculators look at room size, windows, closet space, and other criteria to determine who should pay more. The noise calculator factors in sleep disruption, so if your roommate's holding midnight band practices, then Splitwise calculates that they owe you $141 in reparations on your $700 rent, dropping your tab to the fairer $559 per month.The EquiTable app, on the other hand, uses humor to point out that it might be fairer to split the bill by privilege. According to a U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics report, women typically earn less than men, and African American and Latino people often earn less than their Asian and caucasian counterparts. With this in mind, EquiTable splits your bill into "affirmative fractions," ensuring that those who are more privileged pay more.

Best Apps to Split the Bill



Your roommates may manage to avoid you in person on the first of the month, but they can't run from the bill you send them through Splitwise. Go to the Apartment or House tab, create a group, and add members from your contacts. Then add bills -- you can use 3D Touch to add bills directly from your home screen. Your roommates can then log in on their phones, see what's owed, and pay on the Settle Up tab via PayPal or Venmo.

To remind a friend to pay up, tap the Friends icon on the bottom rail, your friend's name, and Send Reminder. A default note is already typed out for you, or you can add your own. Just hit Send.

Splitwise has Trip and Other tabs if you want to split other bills, plus a separate Plates app for dividing restaurant checks. Splitwise and Plates are free, but unlike the other apps in this guide, you have to sign up for an account to use them.




When you're on vacation or on the road, you want to think about your trip, not the receipts stuffed in your pockets. Next time you travel, create an activity on Splittr. Add a name, such as "Trip to London," then select the base currency for the country you're going to (if you're traveling internationally), and add your travel companions. Tap your event to add expenses, noting who paid and who benefited. When the journey's over, you can generate and email a report detailing how much each person owes. There is no in-app payment method, so you'll have to pay using an alternate service.



With Tab, you don't have to collect credit cards or worry about someone shorting the tip. Snap a photo of the itemized bill and select what's yours. Then give your friends the share code at the top of the page so that they can join the bill from their own phones and choose their desired tip amount. The app will automatically calculate each person's total with tax and tip. But your friends cannot pay directly in the app, so you'll have to receive payments through Venmo or another method. If you're treating someone for their birthday, tap the crown symbol up top so everyone else can cover their part of the bill.